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over again bottom O one coin . i'm rich mari I was rich . on enough the gold price will inflate . then you'll be able to sell that at. a high profit for realized money . here's the shot . we can buy stuff for coins once again I don't really know if I want to like that's the only thing you can do its coins cool . i'm just not sure but there is this stuff which you have to unlock apparently once you unlock it i think you can buy with coins is the idea I the line um I think what is oh I can break this stuff um sure botta bing botta boom get out of h. . you can just customize area anyway you like if you want to . i'm not only interests . i'm just interested in playing the game . i'll try it todo el yet now we'll try it with an actual toad if i can . look at that choosing the fall i get to choose . mebody to go against long 25 . who's like the lowest level per. n here this guy at the top is level 44 mean you buddy mean IAM . i'm gonna choose tote this tunnel going all towed there we go go let's go . used one of my tickets there but I have 45 them like I don't think I'll be running out anytime . on maybe we'll just try to tackle . me things here this is fun I like how you're . rt of doing you on all right ready rot in upcoming epi. des . i'm sure i'll spend more time doing like you just kept running you didn't care about any of that is the one of the keep going . do what you want to do all right now I know the next pink coin is over here which is good because it's only know it's done what I guess it doesn't really follow the path of the level as you would expect it to it I died that stuff . i'm gonna go ahead . get . me of these flop down here I got to go around again I guess oh yeah the levels are different it's really weird . whoa I don't know how I co care of you there but you know whatever why . i'm like not doing . great I don't know if . i'm good with the toad I got. a site like the toads fun because you know he's faster but I don't think you know factor is exactly better here oh I messed that for sure but . i'm getting those extra style points maybe I can get that super coin . on oh no mess it up . . i'm gonna go ahead . wait to do good Lou oh oh that was scary all right i got this super awe. me coinstar coid rush there we go there we go whoo here I go watch me go you know .