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though it's like. a maximum score or like if it goes on forever well there's too much like you know like 9999 or . mething or maybe it's 999 like maybe that per. n we saw is like. a really high rank fire which is like I don't know why they'd want me to play against that per. n but I guess you know oh no oh man I almost ruined everything for myself we are the McCoy brush joke yeah we go go through here . we got. a bunch of toads cheering us on which is pretty darn awe. me they seem to be really happy with me . i'm going faster than the stuff that which I don't like plain rushes over I got two seconds left oh . finish i think i will not one again I don't know though it's really hard to tell like how good or bad . i'm doing really i just . i'm doing it's really weird but there we go going against this per. n who is closed no it's not why is like nobody picking up coin I thought right there I yeah it was yup I got him though I think I got him I think I got him . . i'm gonna jump from like what . i'm level 421 now now one that I had tried the cheers of which destroys one but. a bing bada boom on the winner cool to this one how much is going to lose my score . i'm . . rry other per. n I guess it doesn't really tell you maybe I'll wait how many told you I was 70 toads now does that mean . i'm level 70 I think . we'll go for one more one more . then I think we'll be finishing it up for tonight now maybe. a little more model as . on as see on its depending on how many toes you have well we can try to go for. a big I mean I've never lost . I don't see like but you lose toads if you lose I mean I guess you could . i'm gonna go against like . mebody like way higher level down . like I guess rule this might be. a really bad idea but we're doing . i'm going to get to level 2 95 . if I win I can only assume that i'll get like. a whole big bunch of toads I would hope . give it. a shot that's the cool thing is that now that I've played that little ghost you know that I've done will go against other players you . could compete against me like that which is very very cool you can seem like gyasi but I destroyed your score you're the stinkiest Mario player of all time all those people you meet they weren't even trying oh there we go let's get know I messed up no oh gosh I can do this . I guess this like star thing pretty darn quick oh oh that's I gotta remember that that happened that um whoo look at me out of my way. a world I got. a place as the base oh my gosh our coin tapping everywhere like I don't even know what's going on at this point but I like it .